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Challenges for Creation


Corporate Identity

Development of Treatment for Incurable Fibrosis/Autoimmune Diseases and Diagnostic Kit


Anti-fibrotic Drugs

•Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)

•Liver Fibrosis

•Hypertrophic Scar



•Multiple Sclerosis

•Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Diagnostic Kit

•Vascular Disease

Chiral Separation Columns

•Chiral Columns

•Achiral Columns

Corporate Identity

Executive team

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President & CEO  - ​​​​​​​Seong Jin Kim, Ph.D​​​​​​​

Dr. Kim has established CellionBioMed Inc. in 2018. He is in charge of business development and planning clinical priority strategies. He is also responsible for designing molecules and synthesis of them.


Dr. Kim has diverse experience in industries and start up bio-venture companies. After completing his Ph.D in bio-organic chemistry at Vanderbilt University,  Dr. Kim transitioned his bio-chemical study at Cornell University for his postdoc research. Dr. Kim found his industrial career at R&D Center in Samsung combined with his previous experience at R&D Center in LG Life Science. 


As a passionate scientist, he founded RStech Corporation, a company with core-technology in pharmaceutical ingredients. Through having a unique deep-rooted technology, RStech stands for more than 26 years in its professional field. Dr. Kim also contributed his passion to AnyGen. His management to AnyGen in its early stage consolidated the biotech company successfully and grew it as a listed company.


What is more to his entrepreneurial achievement is that Dr. Kim was awarded ‘Jang Young-Shil Award' from the Ministry of Science and Technology, which is given to the person who contributed in innovated technology on commercialization of high-tech

products, one of the most honorable awards in Korean scientific society. In addition to the award, he was also awarded a ‘Grand Prize’ from the Ministry of commerce, and a ‘Testimony’ from the Ministry of Health and Welfare on his contribution on healthcare to the society.


His experiences in diverse companies and careers in establishment and management of start-up biotech companies are certainly valuable asset for CellionBioMed on its successful foundation.

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CTO  - ​​​​​​​Suk H. Suh, MD., Ph.D​​​​​​​

Dr. Suh is a pure medical scientist in physiology.  Dr. Suh has earned his MD degree in Medical School of Seoul National University. After earning his medical doctorate, his desire in natural science led him to devote himself in physiological science to learn principles of natural medical science in which he also earned Ph.D in Medical School of Seoul National University. 


After earning his degree of M.D. and Ph.D, he has continued his research in physiology as a professor in Medical School of Ehwa Womans University. 


Dr. Suh has achieved successful research in physiology and resulted in valuable outcomes. Especially, Dr. Suh is one of the most leading scientists in the field of ion channel study. In addition, every member of his research group was trained thoroughly so that incomparable results were able to be brought up and any competition has not been allowed from other research groups abroad.


Dr. Suh has first discovered the principles of K+ channels in cell biology that acts as key roles in life and health of cells.


Owing to Dr. Suh's frontier achievements on elucidating undiscovered scientific world, CellionBioMed is able to entreasure valuable technologies, which will lead successful contribution to human society of well-being.


Managing Director  - ​​​​​​​Seon-Myung Kim, Ph.D

Dr. Seon-Myung Kim obtained his undergraduate degree in Microbiology from the Pusan National University in South Korea. He earned his MS and Ph.D in Department of Life Science from GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology), where he studied the cell dynamics and imaging. 


Dr. Kim joined Emory University as a postdoc in 2010, where he worked on collaborative project studying the signal transduction and cytoskeletal mechanisms underlying neuronal development, disorder and regeneration under the guidance of Dr. James Zheng at Emory University School of Medicine. In 2014, Dr. Kim transitioned to his position as R&D team leader in AnyGen Co. Ltd. and held various roles in pre-clinical and clinical studies of anti-cancer and anti-diabetic drug candidates. Also, he was involved in IPO(Inital Public Offering) preparation stage. Finally AnyGen successfully enlisted on KOSDAQ in 2016. 


After his career in AnyGen, he co-founded WellPep Co., Ltd which is specialized in discovering and developing novel peptide therapeutics for the treatment of infections. He was responsible for managing research projects and grants and developing the business strategy. 


He joined CellionBionMed Inc. in 2021 as a R&BD director.

Our History

Our History

We have first discovered that regulation of K+ channels on the cell membrane plays key roles on the vital activity of the cells, intercellular signaling, causes of diverse diseases such as liver cirrhosis, autoimmune, blood vascular disorders by fibrosis and inflammations.


We also first discovered that up-regulation of Kca 2. 3 and Kca 3. 1 channel restrained blood vessel diseases and verified the mechanism. Also, we found that down-regulation of Kca 2.3 and Kca 3.1 channel caused dysfunction of vascular endothelial cells and diseases of blood vessel.

Through our discovery, we found several first-in-class drug candidates for liver cirrhosis, pulmonary hypertension, auto-immunes, and blood vessel diseases.


Our novel discovery of the role of K+ channels of the cell essentially applies for the development of new diagnostic system for vascular diseases and prognosing severity of cancers which were not able to be diagnosed by current methods.



01 PCT patent application for ‘vascular disease diagnostic kit’


12 ‘Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis treatment’ entered FDA 505(b)(2) track (Bridge Biotherapeutics)

10 Exclusive license deal for ‘idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis treatment’ (Bridge Biotherapeutics)

09 Patent registration for fibrotic disease treatment (CN, MX, ID, AU, JP, CA)


07 PCT patent application for ‘hypertrophic scar treatment’

06 Selected as a government project to develop ‘autoimmune skin disease treatment’

03 Exclusive license option agreement for ‘idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis treatment’ (Bridge Biotherapeutics)


12 ‘HPLC column commercialization’ selected as a government project

08 Selected as a government project to develop ‘autoimmune disease treatment’

07 Patent registration for ‘fibrotic disease treatment’ (KOR)

04 Selected as a government project to develop ‘vascular disease diagnostic kit’


06 Patent registration for ‘liver fibrosis treatment’ (KOR)


12 Establishment of a Company-affiliated research institute

11 Certificated as Venture business

11 ‘Development of a treatment for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis’ selected as a government project (TIPS)

10 Seed investment  (Planetum Technology Investment, Daekyo Investment)

09 PCT patent application for ‘fibrotic disease treatment’


09 Signed a patent transfer agreement with the Ewha Womans University

08 Establishment of CellionBioMed Co., Ltd.

R&D Strategy

R&D Strategy I. Platform Technology


CelionBioMed Inc has a new drug discovery platform that can simultaneously secure the safety and novelty of drugs through the development of new indications through new mechanisms from racemic drugs (mixtures of optical isomers) with proven safety. We expect that successful development of new drugs and early commercialization will be possible through rapid clinical entry of fibrosis and autoimmune disease treatment candidates currently under development.

Development of new indication treatments using new mechanisms for drugs already on the market

Repositioning Drug

(High Safety, New Indications)

 drug safety

(drug repositioning)

Development of new single enantiomer drugs from existing racemic drugs

Chiral Switch

(No side effects, improved drug efficacy, secured business exclusivity)

 drug novelty

(chiral drugs)


Chiral Positioning Platform Technology




Identification of candidates without side effects

Excellent efficacy in various animal models

Fast entry into clinical trials

R&D Strategy II. Chiral Technology


CellaChrom™ is a global brand of cutting-edge chromatography products developed by CellionBioMed.


Chromatography is a core component material (analysis) technology that is essential for quality verification for manufacturing high-quality products in the pharmaceutical and fine chemistry fields, but it still relies almost entirely on overseas products.
Through a long period of technology accumulation and refinement, our research and development team has led the development of chromatography technology, including South Korea's first commercialization of a general HPLC column in 2000, and is also committed to developing chiral technology essential for the manufacture of stereoisomeric pharmaceuticals.

Recently, we have succeeded in developing our own technology for polysaccharide chiral columns, which have not been commercialized in South Korea due to high technological barriers, and have achieved the local production of chiral columns, which has been a long-awaited dream in the industry, and a high-resolution general column manufactured with new manufacturing technology. Together with this, we have been able to actively contribute to overseas exports.

We will contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the industry by satisfying the needs of our customers and providing high-quality technical support.

Why CellaChrom?


Quality assurance system and the industry's first free exchange and rental service


Excellent separation ability and excellent price competitiveness


Mass production of high-performance products 


Advancement and leadership in chiral compound analysis technology

Our Products

Chiral Column


Achiral Column


Guard Column


TLC Colorant Reagent

For detailed product introduction and sales list, please visit 




How CBM-Nx/Fx work?

KCa3.1, a calcium-activated potassium ion channel, is not only involved in the abnormal production of connective tissue that can cause fibrosis in chronic diseases, but also plays an important role in activating immune cells in various tissues.


Cellion Biomed's CBM-Nx/Fx is a candidate for a mechanism that selectively regulates the potassium channel (KCa3.1), which is known to be particularly related to fibrotic diseases among ion channels.



CBM-N3 shows excellent efficacy without side effects in preclinical animal models for fibrosis and autoimmune diseases.

Anti-fibrotic/anti-inflammatory/antioxidant effects through increased adenosine and cAMP concentration


Target Indication

Fibrotic Diseases

Autoimmune Diseases

Mechanism of Action


Cellion Biomed opens the Bio USA exhibition in Boston, USA from June 4th to 8th, 2023.

We plan to introduce anti-fibrotic and autoimmune disease treatments. In particular, hypertrophic scar treatment and the technology of the world's first vascular disease diagnosis kit will be introduced.

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